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Programme list
Exclusive with us
2.25 / min
1. The dream of my life
2.35 / min
2. Lorem ipsum dolor
1.35 / min
3. Concateur al duro
3.05 / min
4. Monreo del mundo
2.48 / min
5. Mine lorem ipusm
1.55 / min
6. Amoro set amondo
2.48 / min
7. Arturo dio pincalo seto
1.38 / min
8. Mango de primo
2.39 / min
9. My Luteccia
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Recent and popular archives of new, sport, entertainment.

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May Way
Jonathan Smith
Jazz - Rock
Lorem ipsum
Juzeppe Nerdi
Classical Music
Come Fly With Me
Arturo Toskanini
Rock, JazzRock
Luck Be a Lady
Franko Dzefirelli
Samba, Bossanova
Money, Money, Money
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The team behind this

Cameroon's media landscape has just welcomed five (05) new media from the DASH MEDIA Group:

1. Dash Time / English/French Daily Tabloid 2. Dash News / FM 99.9 Radio 100% information 3. Dash Sport & Entertainment / FM 91.7 Radio 100% sport et divertissement 4. Dash News / Television 100% information 5. Dash Sport and Entertainment / 100% Sport and Entertainment Television

These new thematic media are in line with the professionalization of Cameroon's media sector. Our two radio stations (Dash News and Dash Sport and Entertainment) are already operational for the enjoyment of listeners.

A team of dynamic, super-motivated young people who will make a difference in an environment where the offer remains monotonous. Each of our thematic channels generates a need for specialized information in the super varied field of information, sport and entertainment. Our commitment is to serve you 24 hours a day

DASH MEDIA « Impacting your day »

SOME FLAGSHIP PROGRAMS The Journal: fresh information every 30 minutes. The life of our city, the life of our country and the life of the world.

The Markets: daily information on the stock exchange. All about world commodity prices, in short, the echo of the various national and international markets.

(It can be illustrated with a graph of financial values) The Yaoundé Diplomat: It is a program that gives the floor to the accredited chanceries and diplomats in Cameroon. This program develops the links of bilateral cooperation between our country Cameroon and the guest partner country.

All Sport: Football, basketball, handball, volleyball, tennis, boxing, karate, athletics, cycling, beach soccer, in short all-round sport. No major sport, no minor sport. Rhythms: Entertainment galore, all the new music, all the useful arts to share with listeners. DASH MEDIA « Impacting your day »

Bonanjo Rue de l'aéroport
B.P: 15779 - Douala/Cameroun
(237) 233 42 97 87
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January 17 - 2016
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