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DashSports broadcasts on the FM 91.7 band Bilingual sports and entertainment channel Dash sport aims to provide sports information accessible to the greatest number.

Equipped with exceptional equipment and a device broadcast at the forefront, Dash sport opens the world of 24 hour sports and entertainment.

DASH SPORT AND BREAKFAST Monday to Friday 8am - 8.30am It's the morning large format. Here, in addition to the free antenna, the tone is also set to the information. Topics: - Sports Press Review -The guest -Call of listeners -Music

ROUND POINT 91.7 Monday to Friday 9 A.M. to 10:30 a.m. Broadcast to oral, musical, commercial content. The floor is given to listeners through a game that is at once playful, entertaining and uplifting Topics: -Game / The game -The guest -At market / Market place

DASH OPLYMPIC MORNING Monday to Friday 11 A.M. to 12 p.m. It is the showcase of all sports Topics: -Penalty (editorial) -Music -Sports-palace "Did you know that?"

SPORTS PRESS ON Monday to Friday 4PM - 5pm It's the sports arena. It is the clash of ideas between the different panelists around a central theme. Topics: -Debate -Vox-pop -Reactions from listeners (SMS)

DASH EARLY BREAKFAST Monday to Friday 5AM-6AM It's the show that wakes up. Topics: -Music -Call of listeners

VESPERALPH Monday to Friday 18H30-20h30 It's the relaxing walkway between a sometimes-tiring day's work and returning home. Topics: -Double hit -Hoax -We lift the veil -That year -The Ralph Method -Karaoke

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